Laurie Gould

Laurie Gould is a digital and oil painter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her style developed from enjoyment of learning digital art apps, and from her lifelong love of French Impressionist painting.

She studied Impressionist oil painting for many years with a nationally known Impressionist painter who owns a gallery in Laguna Beach, California, and is listed in Who’s Who in American Art.

Laurie is inspired to paint by the beauty of the Bay Area and the many places to which she has been fortunate to travel, and by art she has seen in museums, galleries and homes around the world.

Laurie says about her art:

Art is a lens through which I see and interpret the world. Maybe in experiencing my art, you will see or interpret the world in a similar way, see it from a new perspective, feel joyful, or be touched in some other way. After I paint a seascape, landscape or still life, I can look at the painting later and be transported back to that place and time. I hope my art transports you to somewhere you enjoy going, and feels transformative to you. Art has the power to change the world, if we let ourselves experience it fully.